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What is Your Wizard Way?

Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey of self-discovery and magic while actualizing your dreams?

What if you could create a truly extraordinary life? 
As if by Magic….

When you are being everything you are,

miracles are created all around you and for you. 

But how often do we disengage with the magic available,

while caught in the rat race of this reality? 

🌟 Extraordinary wealth, 

🌟Expansive, joyful relationships, 

🌟Beauty & Bliss of embodiment,

🌟Unleashed creation,

🌟True life fulfillment, 

It is all possible for you! 


Haven’t you always known your wildest dreams could come true? 

Welcome to The Wizard's Way,

a 12-month magical adventure designed to get you to recognize the magic available to you and to unleash the talents and capacities you possess so that you can create an extraordinary life, your way. 

The Wizard's Way.

This program will show you how to integrate the magic of these powerful tools into your daily living in a way that actually works for you.


No more vibing high only at classes or vacations!

What if your whole life could become more vibrant?

Facilitated by Cassy Summers and supported by a vibrant community of Wizards, you'll be engaged in a transformative journey into the extraordinary. 

Better than any magic wand, you will be empowered to know that you know and gain the tools to orient the world around you to create a more extraordinary life than you ever imagined. 

Utilizing the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness,™ we will embark on many magical adventures through powerful live classes, video modules, engaging exercises and so much more. 


Are you ready to have an extraordinary life?

Your Wizard’s Way starts now.

What's Included

AibM_2023_Group call.png

A live 90min monthly zoom call with Cassy Summers

Money Miraculous

3 Day Wealth Retreat

As If By Magic

2.5 Day Event

AibM_2023_Wizard's play.png

A monthly group Wizard's Play zoom with Cassy &

the Magic Crew

Access to our member's only Facebook Wizard's Way group and Telegram thread

AibM_2023_Clearing loop.png

Clearing Loops to deepen the change and target specific limitations

One Video Module per month to bring the magic into your daily living 

Wizard's Way Program

>>> A live monthly 90 min group ZOOM call with Cassy Summers

>>> A monthly group Wizard's Play call with Symphony of Possibility energy & unique exercises to strengthen your wizardry skills

>>> One Video Module per month with access to the Doorway to Magic Library  including hours of unique content

>>> Access to our member's only Facebook Wizardry group and Telegram thread 

>>> Monthly audio Clearing Loops to use while sleeping to deepen the change

>>> Two virtual events throughout the year including

Money Miraculous

3 Day Wealth Retreat

As If By Magic

2.5 Day Event

with bonus mini events along the way

There is no PREREQUISITE however

The Access Bars® class & Access The Foundation class

Beige Social Media Template Shop Digital Product Facebook Cover.png

A Wizard's Extraordinary Life

Through these 12 magical months you will be given key exercises and tools to enrich your life and expand your receiving so that your

Wizard’s Way is clear and ever expanding. 


Fantastical themes,

Transformative events,

A gathering of Wizards to explore magic with,

it's all available for you!

It is the magic folk that will create a new world. 

Now is the time for Wizards to truly arise and receive all that

we desire and know is possible. 

What if your greatest requests could show up As if by Magic? 

Program Options

Payment Options


Enjoy this special price of $300 OFF until Sept 2nd

Pay Monthly


$777 USD


+ $300 one time set up fee


Pay in Full

$9000 USD


+ $300 one time set up fee


Optional Session Bundle

Do you love one-on-one sessions with Cassy Summers? 


Add a special priced session pack to your program!

*Includes one hour long private session per month


Pay Monthly


 12 Private Sessions


$1,074 USD

+ $300 one time set up fee


Pay in Full


12 Private Sessions

$12,324 USD

+ $300 one time set up fee


**need a different payment method?

Reach out to

A magical life awaits you! 


What if your greatest requests could show up As if by Magic? 
What if you never again had to doubt the magic you are? 


Would you be willing to step into the unbelievable?


You didn't come here to have an ordinary life you came here for an extraordinary life


A Little About
Cassy Summers



In 2017 I created the Access Consciousness™ specialty class

As If By Magic®.

I created it for you... for me... for the magical creatures... for my kids... and for a different FUTURE.


I have been creating and out creating this specialty since, over and over always asking for more, to BE more and find the Wizards around the world required to actualize real true magic here on planet earth.

Would you join me? 


Will I get to ask my personal questions about magic and my capacities? 
Yes you will be able to submit your questions before each monthly call  as well as the possibility of Cassy taking your questions during the live call or facebook live.

What happens if I require one on one facilitation?

Cassy offers private sessions reach out to her to book yours!

Can I get a refund on my membership? 

We do not issue refunds on the membership. 


Can I cancel my monthly subscription? 

All cancelations made before the first of the month are honoured and you will have access to the months you have paid for.

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