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Private Sessions

What if there is more available for you?

Verbal Processing/Coaching

Let's go!

Using the power of verbal processing, questions & energetic techniques we can unlock what is holding you back, gain awarenesses of what's truly possible and

open the doors to your greatest asks!

Can be done in person or online via Zoom

Symphony of Possibilities

Let the magic in!

A Symphony session allows you to begin accessing what is possible for you and your body beyond what you ever believed.

Create dynamic & miraculous energetic changes that ripples into your whole life and future! Let us clear what no longer works for you, and open up spaces of aliveness that have previously been inaccessible.

Can be done in person or online via Zoom


Access Bars®

Welcome to the most relaxing, de-stressing, well-being technique you may have never heard of... Access Bars®


Access Bars is a gentle hands on treatment using light touch on the head.

Try it out.

In-Person Sessions


Access Abuse Hold

The Access Consciousness Abuse Hold is a deeply nurturing, healing, and dynamic energetic body process that melts abuse out of the body and being, leaving a space of peace and ease with your body, nervous system, and life.

In order for this process to be effective, you must listen at least 40 times to the Clearing the Issues of Abuse recording.

You can purchase it here.

In -Person Session


Access Energetic Facelift™

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body.


The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.

In-Person Sessions



Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) Sessions unwind the fascia of the body through a dynamic, energetic, hands on process that deletes the judgments that hold the limitations of the body and being in place. 

This powerful process can create dynamic shifts in structure, posture, pain, and create a greater space of embodiment, joy, and ease.

In-Person Session


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