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Your Holiday Bundle is here! 
This complilation of audios is sure to make anyones holiday season truly magical! 


Each audio is a 60min Energetic Convergence of Possibility 

This is whats included: 

1. Goddess Awoke

We all have a goddess inside us, sometimes she just requires to be stirred awake. 


Goddess energy is often an untapped source we can use to fuel our creations and draw in our desires. Are you ready to be awoken?



2. The Unfailed Family Event: A Merriment Infusion
What would your family event be like if you knew it couldn't fail? 


Use this infusion of merriment for any event and you may just find out that no matter what occurs you can still have a space of ease, joy and glory!
​​Oh and yes MERRIMENT! 


3. The Overwhelm Antidote
What would it be like if those moments of overwhelm could just melted away? 

This energetic space is for that very thing. 


Relax and receive while moving into an expansive space where you can have a sense of choice, possibility and clarity. 


4. Stirring Sensations ~ A Couples Playground

Looking for a stirring of sensations to add to your couples playground? Surrender to the chaos of sensations and open to a plethora of possibilities. 



Cassy Summers invites you to an Energetic Convergence of Possibility. 


Through this audio she will use energies, questions, and verbal facilitation to invite you to access more of your knowing, being, perceiving and receiving - bringing you in convergence with an abundance of possibilities. 


Listen to it over and over to create deeper change and more access to you. 

Holiday Bundle! 4 Energetic Convergence of Possibilities

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