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Earth Magic

Is the Earth whispering to you, asking you to be the Magic you came here to be?

Many of us are sensing the Earth speaking to us - often in very dynamic ways - a sudden discomfort -especially when we try to block out what the earth is telling us, or what it is asking for, that can show up as pain or intensity in our bodies.

You might be called to go to a particular place on the earth or sense a nudging to place your bare feet upon the ground.

Sometimes we may be drawn to places in nature that are nourishing and nurturing to our bodies.

We live on a planet that is ever changing, incredibly beautiful and awe inspiring.

Are you one of those beings who can perceive the earth in all her many aspects of beauty and wonder? Maybe you even find your eyes filling with tears at the sheer beauty and wonder of this planet we get to call home.

What is your particular way of perceiving the Earth? What is your type of Earth Magic?

There may be places in nature where your body feels vibrantly alive.

Perhaps trees, stones or water whispers to you.

Do you glimpse movement from the corner of your eye or see faces in amongst the rocks, the hillsides and the trees?

When you are in the woods or on the riverbank do you sense the nature spirits around you?

Maybe when you dive into the ocean or a tropical rainforest pool it creates a union with the molecules around you and your entire body tingles in the most delicious ways.

Or sometimes you sense a thrum beneath you when you sink your toes into the moss on the forest floor.

What magic are you that shifts and changes and awakens the very molecules around you?

If you could uncover and strengthen your unique talents with the earth - how much would that contribute to our earth's ability to thrive?

What could happen upon this earth if we removed our focus from the devastation? You can still be aware of what is going on - you are just no longer feeding it your energy.

Could you then bring your focus to what is possible with the earth, with yourself, with creating a present and a future of thrival rather than mere survival?

What can we tend, feed and nurture instead of fighting against?

To be a true steward of the Earth we set aside our fight against, our gnawing on the bone of blame as we embrace our power, our potency and our magic to bring a totally different future of possibilities into the world.

Are you willing to be that which will out create everyone who is focused on the earth’s destruction?

Would you allow the Earth to show you YOUR particular form of Earth Magic? ~ Cass Hepburn

As IF By Magic Mage

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