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Unlocking The Magic Of Your Body

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Did you know that your body is magic?

Every single little sensation your body provides you is a sharing of that magic, as each sensation is a message of what’s going on in the world around you and in your life.

You actually possess a crystal ball, a time travelling device, a healing provider, and so much more combined into one wonderful creation called your body. Isn't that magic?

Your body will tell you when those connected to you are sad, happy, or even plotting a surprise for you. It whispers of storms coming, earthquakes far off, and even what the future is asking for. It will tell you when you are holding onto the past or choosing against yourself.

Your body is magical with universes of awareness and knowledge waiting to be known.

The question is, are you valuing it as the magic it truly is?

You might have wished for someone or something to come along and tell you if you are making the right choice, creating your life or destroying it, or taking the easiest and fastest path. What if you stopped looking outside of you and acknowledged what you already have? Your body!

Now you may not know this, but your body was created as a navigation system. It’s already there and has been active your whole life! Some have given aspects of that navigation system names like “gut feeling,” “human/animal instinct,” or even a “feeling in your bones.” Whatever you call it, there are times when you get that feeling and you just know you should or shouldn’t choose something.

Imagine being so tuned into your body that those subtle feelings and senses could navigate you with so much ease to the magical life you are desiring! Your wondrous golden compass has been here all along to navigate and show you what you need to know!

If you allow it, your body will give you awareness upon awareness of where you are not choosing for you, where you’re choosing against you, what is truly possible, and so much more. Your body is capable of way more things than you may think!

Would you like to explore this more with your unique body? Here are three actions you can take to start unlocking the magic your body already is:

Ask Questions

Start your day asking, “Body what magical gifts do you have that I am unwilling to know?” And, “Body will you show me the magic you create in my life?” You may or may not get an answer; it’s more about inviting your body to show you. Notice what different things occur the days you ask a question. Do you have less pain or more energy? Do you find the foods you love suddenly on special or encounter caring people that are willing to nurture you? These may seem small, but the more you are willing to acknowledge the “small” magics you will invite even bigger possibilities to show up!

Tap into Your Entire Body

Spend 10 minutes, once a week—or every day if you are willing—tapping into your entire body. Start at your head or toes and let your body speak. Go through your body parts giving attention to all of the sensations and feelings. Are there aches, stresses, and tightness, or warmth, relaxation, and tingling sensations? For each sensation or feeling invite your body to tell you what it is aware of. Again you may not get an answer right away, but this is a beginning to unlock its secrets. You may find memories coming up, new sensations, or even pictures of people you know popping in your head. Allow the information to come and then ask, “Body what is this? What do I do with it?” If it's something you do not desire ask, “Body can we change it? If so, how can we change it?”

EnJOY Your Body

This one may seem way too simple and non-magical, but truly enjoying having your body is a wonderful way to invite it to create more magic in your life. Joy brings even more joy!

So you see there are many magical things to explore with your body and truly this is only the beginning. Play with these three things as much as possible and you will notice changes showing up that may seem completely unrelated! That is part of the magic of being with your body.

Your body is not just about your body, it’s about your life and the JOY of being magic walking.

by Cassy Summers

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