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As if by Magic

A Monthly Series

Have you always known that magic was real?

What if your greatest requests could show up As If By Magic? 

You are magic walking, created moment by moment, based on your willingness or resistance to having all of you and your reality.  Actualizing your reality includes having the unbelievable, unreal, unfathomable wondrous magic that you are and have always known was possible.

Do you walk in the creation of YOUR reality or are you swallowed

by the limited realities around you?

This membership is designed to get you to recognize the magic available to you and the talents and capacities you possess that you have been hiding from yourself.  

Once you have opened the door to your magic the whole world moves to your request in creating your life and living as YOUR reality.


Are you ready to open the door?
Would you be willing to have the unbelievable?


Let us walk together as the Wizards we truly are and wreak the chaos of magic on this world.


All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory ™

Explore the possibility of being a Steward of the Earth with the Magic that you are.

Our Membership Includes


Private Wizards only Facebook Group Community

Private Whatsapp Group
A Monthly Group Facilitation Call with Cassy Summers CF

Monthly Group Energetic Convergence Zooms

FB Lives
Discounts on all Cassy Summers CF Online Classes

And many more surprises and gifts

We are waiting for you

The Creation of You Part 2
The Creation of You Part 2

What magic do we have available that the earth can activate and receive from?

The Magic IsYou

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