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What if you could learn to wield the power of Business Energetics and create an unstoppable force of growth and profitability

with your incredible business?

You can have the perfect branding, the dream marketing team, and all of the strategies in place to perfection but if the energetics are wonky it’s only a matter of time until things will fall apart or cease to grow.


That’s where mastering Business Energetics comes in.

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Business Energetics is about creating and transforming your business on an energetic level so that you can be the impact you came here to be, waking up to a business you truly love that works for you! 


Join me for a 4-month immersion into the realm of energetic techniques and powerful exercises from Access Consciousness® designed to amplify your business’s success and support the future growth and profitability

that is truly possible. 


Having a business that lights up your life and changes the world is possible and available to you. 

Let’s start the adventure


MONTH 1 - Business Wizardry: The Beginning

We are creating an energetic platform for your business to launch from!! When we try to launch without it often, we find ourselves splattered across a wall and we have no idea how it happened.


Develop a sustainable business that can stand on its own legs and grow and support you.


MONTH 2 - Energy Alchemy with Business

Create and transform your business through the craft of energy alchemy.


We all have capacities with energy but most of us have never been taught how to utilize them. This month discover your unique abilities through powerful techniques and discover the missing elements for a thriving business. Lose the self-doubt, and increase your ability to expand your reach and visibility.


MONTH 3 - Power and Impact: Are you Willing to be Successful?

The impact you can have on the world through your business is far greater than you can imagine. Are you willing to be that successful? This month we explore the elements of success, obliterate the blocks and ceilings you’ve put in place, and optimize the energetics that will best support your business vision and targets.

Accelerate growth, fast-track success, and strengthen energetic capacities with business energetics.


MONTH 4 - Profitability and Money Magic


Your business can be a catalyst for incredible amounts of money and profitability, but it can also be a money pit draining all of your energy and time. This month we will be eliminating the money leaks and activating and implementing generative profitability techniques.


Reduce wasted time, energy and money. Increase money magic and profitability while restoring your joy and inspiration with your business.

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Master energetic techniques while building a sustainable business platform so that you can accelerate your growth and income, increase your reach and visibility, and be the impact you came here to be waking up to a business you love
that works for you.

Business Energetics
4 Month Program

What's Included
each month:

90 min Group Zoom call

3 x 20 min Implementation calls

Draw for a Live Hot Seat Personal Facilitation

Monthly Clearing Loop

Payment Options

Payment Options

Pay Monthly


$277 USD



per month

*$548 in savings*


A Little About
Cassy Summers



In 2017 I created the Access Consciousness™ specialty class

As If By Magic®.

I created it for you... for me... for the magical creatures... for my kids... and for a different FUTURE.


I have been creating and out creating this specialty since, over and over always asking for more, to BE more and find the Wizards around the world required to actualize real true magic here on planet earth.

Would you join me? 


Will I get to ask my personal questions about business and my capacities? 
Yes you will be able to submit your questions before each monthly call  as well as the possibility of Cassy taking your questions during the live call or facebook live.

What happens if I require one on one facilitation?

Cassy offers private sessions reach out to her to book yours!

Can I get a refund on my membership? 

We do not issue refunds on the membership. 


Can I cancel my monthly subscription? 

All cancelations made before the first of the month are honoured and you will have access to the months you have paid for.

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