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Welcome to the World of
As If By Magic

we have lots for you to explore

What magic lies dormant in you that is ready to be stirred? Acknowledge every little molecule of magic that you BE

A wizard does not require to use force 
A wizard requests 
and things show up
As if by Magic

Have you taken the quiz?

Do you know what kind of magician you are? 


Every Magician possesses infinite capacities but do you tend to be drawn to certain magics?

Take this quiz to discover your innate capacities, the shadow that comes with them, and what you can do to radically transform your reality...


It is the magic folk that will create a different future. 

Have you acknowledged you are one?

Live and Online Events

We have a variety of online and live classes

for you to choose!


How long have you been seeking magic and are there things that you started to believe weren’t possible?

The Magic Is You 

Interested in Hosting
Cassy Summers in your town?

Would you like to host Cassy and one of her amazing classes she has to offer? Foundation, Bars, Facelift, Quest for Magic, 2 day As If By Magic or something else?

Thank you for your submission. We will be in contact shortly.

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