Would you like to open up to something totally new, your own reality, your own space in which YOU can create anything,

as if by magic?

Spring Festival with Cassy Summers

6 Hours


April 1, 2021



A One Day Festival with Cassy Summers to Expand, Explore and Engage with the mysterious splendor of magic that is the re-Beginning of Everything.

What if being more of you, embodying all of you was the masterpiece to discovering the magic you truly be, with everything?

Are you willing to be the creative spark of possibilities that supercharges your life and changes the world?


Being inspired by the choices you make in every area of your life can be daunting if you don’t have the tools to help you get there, clarity or even a friend who’s on the same journey.

AS IF BY MAGIC uses the life-changing pragmatic and incredibly easy to apply tools to fast track the change you’ve been asking for, in a way that is ease-filled, profitable (because we want you to have more money!) and benevolent (meaning for the greater good of all, ie. not having to step over dead bodies to get where you want to be!)

Throughout the course of one day, Cassy and her special guests, will share insights into the re-beginning everything, which includes YOU through inspiring dialogue and pragmatic tools. 

There will shenanigan's, perhaps some bad-assery, gut-wrenching laughter, introduction to new ideas and new friends and a lot of change!

If you'd like to join Cassy and her special guests, we highly recommend that you register as soon as possible.


Online Zoom





Social Get Together

with Cassy Summers

9:00am PST


AIBM & Money ??


1:00PM PT




2:30PM PT


AIBM & the Earth


4:00PM PT


Afternoon delight  of tea, laughter and far too much magic!

5:00PM PT

with Special AIBM Guests

Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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James Doe

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Are you creating the way you would like to?

Do you feel stuck in your journey, with each step you take seems to take you back two steps?

Would you like to inject inspiration and motivation in your busy life to make space for bigger things that impact the whole of consciousness?

Do you have a plan for personal growth and wondering how to infuse it with magic?


Meet Cassy

The Creative Genius behind of

As If By Magic

Hello curious one, I'm grateful you are reading this and I wonder what are you seeking and how can I contribute to you?  


If I were to give you a sense of who I am and what my capacities are I would do so in song…. or perhaps even a rap. Only because it's FUN for me!


I am a rule breaker a reality shaker,

a collector of tools and information.

An endless seeker, a magic reveler

and a player of creation.


If you play with me, spend the day with me

I'll show you a universe of possibilities

I will inspire you, I will empower you

to acknowledge your infinite capacities


I have been told that I facilitate with contagious excitement, total caring and an intense presence of energy. In classes and sessions not only do I draw from a wealth of knowledge and dynamic experiences with clients, I also am able to utilize my unique capacities with perceiving possibilities and the items keeping you from them.

So my friend, I dare you.  I dare you to choose you and to take a step towards what you've been asking for.  


Apr 01, 9:00 AM PDT
Zoom Playground