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Your Doorway Is Right Here

Are you aware that there is more possible than what you see in everyday life... 

and you are ready to open the door to more?!

Imagine if you could access a library of resources and energetic exercises to grow your awareness and capacities!
>>> What if you could be inspired to your own magic?
>>> What if you were provided step-by-step guidance on how to strengthen and grow your awareness & capacities with energy? 
>>> What if you had access to a library of resources that unlocked and revealed your own UNIQUE capacities at the rate in which you choose? 

The Doorway to Magic will open for you.

Whether you are the Naturalist - who prefers nature to people,

the Wise - a seeker of knowledge and consciousness,

the Becoming - with capacities to shape shift and duplicate or

the Physicalist - who can move and alter objects..

there is always more for you to choose.

For you to know.
For you to explore.

What door are you willing to open, that you have

never been willing to open before?

What if your greatest requests could show up As if by Magic? 

What 's Included

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Pass to the

As If By Magic Library

4 Meditations

To Amplify your Capacities

Exclusive Magic Discount
Find your coupon

The As if by Magic Library contains: 

>>>  Video modules with step-by-step guidance on how to strengthen and grow your awareness & capacities with energy and magic.

>>> 4 - 45min Meditations targeted at amplifying your capacities with
Nature Magic
Physical Magic

Becoming Magic &
Wise Magic

>>> A beautiful PDF to enrich your connection to the world of Magic

>>> Exclusive Magic Discounts find your coupon in the library!

All of this for only $44/year

Your magical life awaits you! 

What if your greatest requests could show up As if by Magic? 
What if you never again had to doubt the magic you are? 


Would you be willing to step into the unbelievable?

You are a magic walking, created moment by moment, based on your willingness or resistance to having all of you and your reality. Actualizing your reality includes having the unbelievable, unreal, unfathomable wondrous magic that you are and have always know was possible. 

Choose it now!

A Little About
Cassy Summers

Will new content be added to the membership? 

Yes once a year the library will be refilled with new magical videos, meditations and more.  

What happens if I don't renew my membership?

You will simply loose access to the library once your 12 month term is up. 

Can I get a refund on my membership? 

We do not issue refunds on magic. 




IN 2017 Cassy Summers created the Access Consciousness™ specialty class As If By Magic®. 

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